Sleeping Woes 9:40 PM I swear I'm about two seconds away from passing out right here on this keyboard.


It's the age old struggle with me: To sleep or not sleep.

The overnight shift doesn't seem to allow for sleep. You just prop yourself up, drink some coffee and make your way through the night without hurting yourself. For most of the night, you find yourself on auto pilot. Your brain isn't functioning on it's normal rate of sleep so it makes up for it by "hoovering" or doing enough to get by. And I think that I'm pretty damn good it. :0

Actually, I try to get enough sleep every night.... er, day. Key word here: Try.

It's difficult though. The sunshine makes it a huge pain to get any quailty sleep during the day. The sun peers through my bedroom, mocking me as I close my eyes in the vain hope that in a few precious minutes I would asleep.

And sometimes it happens. Sleep. I will get off work, throw my uniform on the floor and jump into bed and poof...I'm out.

Other times, I lay there. Just lay there. And think. I think about how I would like to be sleeping right baout now, but just can't. Then I start to make that big mistake of going over the day's events and regreting almost everything I did. Funny how exhaustion and parania seem to become one when your tired.

Right now, I stuck somewhere in the in betweens. I'm exhausted. I slept for a couple of hours today. That's all the sleep god's gave me and I was lucky to get that. And of course, now i'm extremely tired. And there's less then an hour before work.

I tell myself to just get up, get dressed and go. Work through the night then come home and get that good good sleep the next morning.

I can't wait for tomorrow morning.