Silly Obsessions 8:27 PM I haven't been writing. What a damn shame!

I love to write, but lately I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Call it restlessness or the pure desire to be a lazy ass, but I haven't felt like doing shit. (Pardon my vagular language.) I suppose that's what happens when you only work for 6 hours a day, 4 days a week. Your left to figure out what to do with yourself in that time.

Everyone tells to develop a hobby, which makes me laugh. Oh a hobby, I have many. A scrapbooking kit still in the box tucked safely under my bed. The various ad's I have made for a penpal that have polleuted my e-mail box with strange international marriage proposals.

At some point, you have to push these silly obsessions a side and go on with your day, otherwise you find yourself completely engulfed with them.