Not Down with the Sickness 1:56 PM Everybody at my job is getting sick.

The flu to be exact.

And I have made it my mission to avoid that at all costs. Besides, I already had the flu twice! Once at the beginning of October 2004 (Runny nose, sore throat and body aches.) then again around the end of October (This one involved a whole lot of vomiting.)

So I'm hoping that I have made my peace with the flu bug and that it can just skip me and head off to the next person. So prevent this, I have been taking my share of vitamins and drinking ornage juice, even though the acidity in the stuff makes my stomach cringe. It heats up my body and face, just like when I get drunk.

I must have a very weak immune system. I'm always getting sick. Chances are if there is something out there to get, I will catch it about a week then promptly pass it on to the rest of my family.