Hidden Treasures Mix 6:54 AM So Andrea has posted about this great mix idea called "Hidden Treasures".

What it is, is that on every classic album we have either bought or listened to, there are so many more classic brillant tracks then what's played on the radio.

To play along.. Take a classic cd, then pick a track that got no air play but is nethertheless brillant anyways.

Here's my list so far..

Hidden Treasures CD Mix ------------------------------------------------ Violent Femmes Promise (Violent Femmes) Depeche Mode Here is the House (Black Celebration) Oingo Boingo What You See (Only a Lad) Nine Inch Nails The Only Time (Pretty Hate Machine) Yaz Winter Kills (Downstairs at Erics) Pet Shop Boys King’s Cross (Actually) Tears For Fears Watch Me Bleed (The Hurting) Pink Floyd The Trial (The Wall) Live Beauty of Grey (Mental Jewelry) Duran Duran The chauffeur (Rio) Peter Gabriel We do what we are told (So) Talk Talk Dum Dum Girl (It’s My Life) Moby Everloving (Play) Queen Princes of the Universe (A Kind of Magic)