Change of Plans 3:17 AM Okay.. so in my last entry I was basically going on about how we (the engaged couple) wanted to have a "Halloween" wedding.. Well, that idea will probably end up falling between the cracks. It turns out that the boyfriend wasn't so keen on that whole black dress thing, so we are kinda back at square one. We still want a wedding in October. That was hasn't changed. But it's look like I'll be walking down the aisle in whiter after all. (So much for getting away with that cheap black dress. sigh.) The boyfriend is no help. Love him madly and deeply, but he, like most men are no help when it comes to ideas of decor and design. All he will tell me is that he wants a wedding with a "few halloween touches and absolutely NO orange anywhere." I'm thinking of the colors: White, Black, and Purple as a happy medium.