Shopping Candy 11:03 PM I have managed to spend my paycheck in record time! I got the check at around 7 am. At 9 am cashed it at the local check cashing place and by 10 am, I was well on my way to shopping bliss. "Hello, my name is Tay and I'm shop-aholic." No seriously, I am. I'm brave enough to admit. Once I have some sort of money in my hands, it doesn't last. Maybe it's because I haven't worked for a long time, and my mental state of mind is spend it before anyone else can take it away from ya. Hmm, perhaps this could all describe why I happen to be in debt. Shopping addiction is one crazed addiction. Like in my case, I CANNOT leave a store empty handed when I have money. I start to have this strange nervous breakdown over it. You might say it even depresses me to leave a place with nothing to show for it. This leads into careless shopping. The kind of shopping you begin to regret come morning. You start to grab you didn't know you know you needed... or rather, probably didn't know but some how they have found they're way into your cart. Shameful. So you take all purchases home and say to yourself, "Why do I need this multi use glass cleaner massager thing for?!!" But at lease I can tell myself, "I was Christmas shopping" even though I did indulge myself in a few items. Damn YOU, Robinson's May!!!