Halloween Weddings 3:54 PM So I'm engaged. I have been engaged for at lease 6 months +. And it's became downright embarrassing when people would ask that inevitable question : "So when is the day? When are you guys going to get married?" By this point in the conversation I usaually back out of the question by changing the subject. I hadn't realized that one needed to have a "date" comfirmed once they became engaged. Weddings of any kind, take some time to plan. Whether it's a $100,000 gala or a backyard bash. And at the rate that Juju and I were taking to get our collective shit together, this thing would never happen and worse of all, we'd wait about 10 years to get married. So we came up with a random idea. What a theme wedding?! What about a "Halloween Wedding" ? The idea was so different that I had to look into it seriously. And actually... it would work out better for us, since our guest list is under 50 guests anyways.. and our favorite time of the year is October. And it get's me out of paying $300 and up for a wedding dress. (A simple pretty black dress has taken it's place.) Too bad though... there aren't that many people who have entertained actually doing this idea on the web. There are pictures and advice for the typical white weddings, but damn near nothing about a "Halloween" one. It makes it hardier for people like me to find any worthy infomation about how to do one. Or perhaps that could be the fun in it... Not many people have been to one, therefore we won't judged too harshly.