She can be employed. 10:32 AM Hey ya know, I can't say this on the record yet, but I do believe I have a job. I can't say it is 100% until I go to do the drug test (which will probably be done today) and when my background checks out. I don't know what background checks always freak me out. I do this every single time. The job I'm trying out for says that they need a background check and I agree to it, then i spent the next few days to a week freaking out. It never makes any sense to ever. I haven't ever been arrested, let alone been a felon for anything. My credit history is completely questionable but then - who's isn't? And yes - I was fired from a job before. My last retail job. Wrongfully I might add. And during the interview I was 100% completely honest about it. I explained that yes - I was fired, but burden of proof was on the company. In short, you cannot fire a person without proof. And after sharing the that information - they actually pretty supportive. Who knew? So your wondering - "Miss Tay, so what will you be doing now?" Well, my tender lumplings, I will be overnight stocking for Target.