Musical Discoveries... via you 1:27 PM Okay my blog explosioning darlings... I'm musically bored, so I'm requesting that everyone that stops by my spot today suggests a song that I should give a listen. (What else are you gonna do for 30 seconds?.... Scratch your butt?!) It might be good idea if you also leave a description of the song/artist's genre so I know type of music I'm dealing with. Your probably thinking to yourself, "Gee, I like a lot of songs. Hundreds, Thousands .. Could you give a litte help here!" Okay. My musical loves move towards quiet trip hopish (Think anything that fit's a rainy day) - to all 80's (New Wave, Hair Metal, Old School, Alternative..) - to oddites (Think Dr. Demento.) So get cracking.. Leave those song suggestions in the comments.