I have an Ear Infection.. Lucky me. 8:33 AM I swear when it rains, it truly pours in my life. I was just getting over the flu, when I noticed a pain in my right ear. I shook off, figuring it was some extra ear wax in the ear. It happens a lot to me. I tried to clean it out with ear removal cleanser and do any home remedies I could remember, but to no avil. The pain became unbearable. Besides not being able to hear that well, I started to get a rash of headaches and jaw pain. So eatting became a tricky subject. So I'm popping Ibprohen like their candy. It's the only thing that can numb enough for me to get through the day. If anyone has any idea as to what this is? Or any ideas as to get rid of it? I was going to bite the bullet and go to the county hospital (and we all know how much I love them) tomorrow but I changed my mind after I heard about the massive rain storms. Sigh. Buses and Rain do not mix! Especially since I appear to be falling apart at the seems.