For the Love of Music 5:09 PM So there I was last night. Sick in bed, thinking of things I could do quietly and without much though. (A side effect of this type of flu is that once you get over vomiting your insides out, you are stricked with a headache from hell.) I started to finish a project Andrea created about a year ago. You take all (and we do mean all) your favorite bands/artists together, then put them in A-Z order. Then pick a song that people just have to hear from each particular group/artist. Then burn it on to cdr and enjoy:) So far, all I have done is making the list. So far I have around 50 bands/artists. It seems like a fairly good amount to start with. Putting them in alphabetical will a good while though, since the brain isn't quite up to that yet. Feel free to try this out yourself. Leave a note you got it all posted up. Perhaps we could do a cd swap? I know Andrea will get a copy along with many mixes I owe her. I loves her 'cause she is damn patient with me. :D