Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 37 3:45 PM
Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 37

Date: Hump Day, September 22nd Time: Same Hump Time Place: Same Hump Place

Let's celebrate ICE CREAM CONE DAY! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream ... cones that is. Yay! This day commemorates the day the ice cream cone was patented. Can you imagine? Before 1903 they used paper cones or metal cones. Thank goodness edible cones were invented because we all know that sucking the last bit of ice cream out of the bottom of the cone before we shove the whole thing in our mouth is confection heaven!

It's time for some pre-humping action so let's warm up! Everyone needs or wants something. Tell us, what could you use a double scoop of today? What would you give your bestfriend a double scoop of? It doesn't have to be ice cream -- it can be anything: kindness, hugs, time ...

Yes, indeedy, You know the song so hump along! "Do it baby! Do the humpty, doin' the humpty hump!"

This week some getting to know you humping with a bit of an insane twist.

01. A scented candle has been created that represents your daily life -- what smells might that candle emit?

A delicate fragrance of loveiness. Something soft, not too over powering. Perhaps, something more along the lines of Baby Powder. With a splash of mocha coffee , to respresent my coffee addiction.

02. If all of a sudden all money became useless and whatever you had the most of made you wealthy, what are you rich with?

Music :0) My music collection... including my various collection of mp3s.

03. You've won a "Everything You Can Grab In Three Minutes" shopping spree at your favorite store. What store is it and what would be the first thing you'd grab?

I would go to Amoeba Records, grab myself a basket and run to various cd racks and just start grabbing for my favorites. Gee... I hope they keep all the new wave together. He he...

04. One million dollars to pose for Playboy or Playgirl ... do you do it? If yes, what month would you be the perfect centerfold for? If no, what magazine would you be a good centerfold for?

Have you seen this body? I take it you haven't. It doesn't matter anyhow, because even if I were in perfect condition I would still think I was flawed.

05. You have an alarm clock that does whatever is necessary to wake you up and get you out of bed -- describe what process the alarm clock would perform.

I would program it to have my have grandfather's voice. He used to wake me up everyday before he passed away in 1995. I think waking up to it every morning would make me a smile and make the day a little easier to take.