Mambo Meme - Week 36 belated 3:17 PM Oh my gosh. I had completely neglected my duties as a member of BDINSANITY. Thats a very bad Tay..

------ Hola, Humpolas. This week Hump Day is also Latin American Independence Day which commemorates Latin America's independence from Spain in 1821. However ... since we are a crazy bunch and everything we do is to the beat of a different bongo we're not going to celebrate today or tomorrow (which is Mayflower Day). Instead, we're going to celebrate yesterday. That's right, we're going to celebrate yesterday. Why? Because we're all about sharing the love and yesterday was "Hug A Crabby Stranger Day". No silly, NOT "Hump A Crabby Stranger" ... "Hug A Crabby Stranger" Humping a stranger would have a constable knocking on your door with a Restraining Order.

As a warm-up tell us about the most disastrous or embarrassing first impression you've ever made on someone.

Oh good god, that would probably the day that I met my boyfriend in high school. It was a nightmare. My best friend had decided to set me up on this blind date, and the first meeting would take place at the school. On the day he was supposed to arrive, I was all beautiful. Trying hard to make that good impression. But he never showed up.. So by the time lunch came around.. I said "Screw it." I took my hair down, removed my make up and started to chow down on my lunch. That was until I hear said friend screaming "He's here! He's Here!!". I nearly choked on my pizza. She was leading him over to meet me when I the potateo boat I was eatting decided to travel all the way up my nose and try to come out. I was horrorified. I shook his hand while using the other to cover my potateo dripping nose. It was awful.

Okay, ready or not, here come da hump!

This week an even dozen "I say ___, you think ___". Just respond with the first word, phrase or thought that leaps into your head for each word.

01. rear -- window 02. power -- station 03. straw -- drink 04. goosebump -- books 05. depend -- Those underpads. (lol) 06. hush -- Quiet 07. magically ...... 08. bendable -- gumby 09. duct -- tape 10. flip-- flops 11. anticipation -- Rocky Horror Picture Show 12. couch -- lazy