Sleeping Woes 9:40 PM I swear I'm about two seconds away from passing out right here on this keyboard.


It's the age old struggle with me: To sleep or not sleep.

The overnight shift doesn't seem to allow for sleep. You just prop yourself up, drink some coffee and make your way through the night without hurting yourself. For most of the night, you find yourself on auto pilot. Your brain isn't functioning on it's normal rate of sleep so it makes up for it by "hoovering" or doing enough to get by. And I think that I'm pretty damn good it. :0

Actually, I try to get enough sleep every night.... er, day. Key word here: Try.

It's difficult though. The sunshine makes it a huge pain to get any quailty sleep during the day. The sun peers through my bedroom, mocking me as I close my eyes in the vain hope that in a few precious minutes I would asleep.

And sometimes it happens. Sleep. I will get off work, throw my uniform on the floor and jump into bed and poof...I'm out.

Other times, I lay there. Just lay there. And think. I think about how I would like to be sleeping right baout now, but just can't. Then I start to make that big mistake of going over the day's events and regreting almost everything I did. Funny how exhaustion and parania seem to become one when your tired.

Right now, I stuck somewhere in the in betweens. I'm exhausted. I slept for a couple of hours today. That's all the sleep god's gave me and I was lucky to get that. And of course, now i'm extremely tired. And there's less then an hour before work.

I tell myself to just get up, get dressed and go. Work through the night then come home and get that good good sleep the next morning.

I can't wait for tomorrow morning. Pre Birthday 8:58 AM My birthday is this sunday and I still don't even what I wanna do.

Perhaps that's part of the fun. Not knowing or planning anything, but letting the day take you on a journey. My mom mentioned baking me a "Carrot Cake" as my birthday cake. Yummy!

I was going to do some early birthday shopping but it's pouring buckets outside and I don't feel like taking a bus just to be covered in rain.

Silly Obsessions 8:27 PM I haven't been writing. What a damn shame!

I love to write, but lately I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Call it restlessness or the pure desire to be a lazy ass, but I haven't felt like doing shit. (Pardon my vagular language.) I suppose that's what happens when you only work for 6 hours a day, 4 days a week. Your left to figure out what to do with yourself in that time.

Everyone tells to develop a hobby, which makes me laugh. Oh a hobby, I have many. A scrapbooking kit still in the box tucked safely under my bed. The various ad's I have made for a penpal that have polleuted my e-mail box with strange international marriage proposals.

At some point, you have to push these silly obsessions a side and go on with your day, otherwise you find yourself completely engulfed with them. 10:10 AM Yikes!

My partner over @ M3p3 is getting a bit patient with me. I can't understand it. I sent you at lease 13 songs as of a couple days ago,so why do you have your panties in a bunch? I have been sending you a lot of tunage. Relax. Enjoy.

You are even getting them?

Perhaps that's more of the problem. Hell, I don't even know if this person is even liking their music.


I much rather swap mp3's with Andrea, at lease she's nice about it. Not Down with the Sickness 1:56 PM Everybody at my job is getting sick.

The flu to be exact.

And I have made it my mission to avoid that at all costs. Besides, I already had the flu twice! Once at the beginning of October 2004 (Runny nose, sore throat and body aches.) then again around the end of October (This one involved a whole lot of vomiting.)

So I'm hoping that I have made my peace with the flu bug and that it can just skip me and head off to the next person. So prevent this, I have been taking my share of vitamins and drinking ornage juice, even though the acidity in the stuff makes my stomach cringe. It heats up my body and face, just like when I get drunk.

I must have a very weak immune system. I'm always getting sick. Chances are if there is something out there to get, I will catch it about a week then promptly pass it on to the rest of my family. What are you all listening to today? 1:40 PM Songs that of recently have been rockin my little world

  1. Bloody Ballerina ** Hate in the Box **
  2. Phoenix ** Run Run Run ** (Thanks to Mp3z swap partner.)
  3. Muse ** Endlessly **
  4. Color Theory ** Ponytail Girl **
  5. Evanescence ** Whisper **
  6. Erasure ** Who Needs Love Like That **
  7. Gwen Stefani ** Rich Girl **
  8. Korn ** Word Up **
  9. Talking Heads ** Take Me to the River **
  10. Tones on Tail ** The Never Never (Is Forever) **
  11. Oingo Boingo **Elevator Man ** (Am I the last person on the planet to figure out that this song was about sex? I feel so used. lol.)
  12. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock ** It Takes Two **
  13. Siouxsie and the Banshees ** Happy House **
  14. Squeeze ** Take Me I'm Yours **
Hidden Treasures Mix 6:54 AM So Andrea has posted about this great mix idea called "Hidden Treasures".

What it is, is that on every classic album we have either bought or listened to, there are so many more classic brillant tracks then what's played on the radio.

To play along.. Take a classic cd, then pick a track that got no air play but is nethertheless brillant anyways.

Here's my list so far..

Hidden Treasures CD Mix ------------------------------------------------ Violent Femmes Promise (Violent Femmes) Depeche Mode Here is the House (Black Celebration) Oingo Boingo What You See (Only a Lad) Nine Inch Nails The Only Time (Pretty Hate Machine) Yaz Winter Kills (Downstairs at Erics) Pet Shop Boys King’s Cross (Actually) Tears For Fears Watch Me Bleed (The Hurting) Pink Floyd The Trial (The Wall) Live Beauty of Grey (Mental Jewelry) Duran Duran The chauffeur (Rio) Peter Gabriel We do what we are told (So) Talk Talk Dum Dum Girl (It’s My Life) Moby Everloving (Play) Queen Princes of the Universe (A Kind of Magic)

No Comments... Hello Tag Board 6:40 AM I have ditched Blog Back's comments from the blog.

They are a pain to set up plus on top of that they only allow you post five comments.. and that just sucks. So I added this nice, neat tag board over here. <------

Another Night Off 2:49 PM Today is day 2 of my 2 nights off from work. I'm enjoying it actually. Now that I'm actually awake ;) I have been watching the first season of "Dead Like Me" on dvd, along with a bootlegged version of season two that my boyfriend got on dvd via a great source. (**God bless the internet.**) After that I plan on watching the rest of my Simpsons dvds. I cannot wait to get to "Mr.Plow". I love that one. Especially the part where Marge makes Homer wear the "Mr.Plow" jacket to bed and he does that cute little "Mr. Plow"dance for her as she giggles. Great Stuff. Goodnight and Good Day to you all 5:18 AM I slept through most of my night off. A good 10 hours spent under warm yet comforting blanklets hugging my body. My Nightmare Before Christmas "Mayor" tucked right under my arm. And for the time - everything is right in the world. My world at lease. Change of Plans 3:17 AM Okay.. so in my last entry I was basically going on about how we (the engaged couple) wanted to have a "Halloween" wedding.. Well, that idea will probably end up falling between the cracks. It turns out that the boyfriend wasn't so keen on that whole black dress thing, so we are kinda back at square one. We still want a wedding in October. That was hasn't changed. But it's look like I'll be walking down the aisle in whiter after all. (So much for getting away with that cheap black dress. sigh.) The boyfriend is no help. Love him madly and deeply, but he, like most men are no help when it comes to ideas of decor and design. All he will tell me is that he wants a wedding with a "few halloween touches and absolutely NO orange anywhere." I'm thinking of the colors: White, Black, and Purple as a happy medium. Halloween Weddings 3:54 PM So I'm engaged. I have been engaged for at lease 6 months +. And it's became downright embarrassing when people would ask that inevitable question : "So when is the day? When are you guys going to get married?" By this point in the conversation I usaually back out of the question by changing the subject. I hadn't realized that one needed to have a "date" comfirmed once they became engaged. Weddings of any kind, take some time to plan. Whether it's a $100,000 gala or a backyard bash. And at the rate that Juju and I were taking to get our collective shit together, this thing would never happen and worse of all, we'd wait about 10 years to get married. So we came up with a random idea. What a theme wedding?! What about a "Halloween Wedding" ? The idea was so different that I had to look into it seriously. And actually... it would work out better for us, since our guest list is under 50 guests anyways.. and our favorite time of the year is October. And it get's me out of paying $300 and up for a wedding dress. (A simple pretty black dress has taken it's place.) Too bad though... there aren't that many people who have entertained actually doing this idea on the web. There are pictures and advice for the typical white weddings, but damn near nothing about a "Halloween" one. It makes it hardier for people like me to find any worthy infomation about how to do one. Or perhaps that could be the fun in it... Not many people have been to one, therefore we won't judged too harshly. Merry Christmas, Damn it. 4:13 PM I'm hoping that all of you out there in blogger land are having a good Christmas (or day off if you don't happen to celebrate it.) As for my christmas, it involved.... ..a great meal (One that was almost "O" worthy) ... ..My parents fighting (The cops were almost involved and they still aren't speaking to each other.)... ... Downloading madness thanks due in part to the 2 itunes gift cards I got (Look forward to new mixes to be posted.)... ... Over doses on chocolate and coffee... ... Not being able to see the Danny Elfman interview on the "Spiderman 2" disc 2, due to my dad talking over it. Something about his "Dream Computer". I began to get very very irritated. I mean, come on people... It's Danny Elfman. I loveth him. So why can't you guys just shut the fuck up for two minutes and let me have my Elfman goodness in for the day. Grrr...... Do you dream in techno color? 8:48 PM Oh life is tough sometimes. Having to find a balance between the sanity of the life you want and the insanity of the life you are currently living. You wish for the two to meet at some point and merge into something worth wild, but they end up just bumping heads like two backward magnets. That pretty much somes up my view on things lately. The child in my soul wants to pack everything up and hop onto that imaginary bus that never really existed and runaway from all my problems. Run away to a Tim Burton like world full of odd creatures that without a word being spoken get you. The real you. Not the version you bring to work with you everyday. Or the version that you bring out when your parents are in town. The real you. The you very few if any one knows about. The child in me wants so deseperately (spelling?) for that world to be real. The closest I ever come to it is in various movies and daydreams while drafting asleep while listening to my discman. ....sigh.... It was a matter of time 3:44 PM I cut myself at work today. Yup, a nice deep cut on my left index finger. Just me.. a box cutter, a bloody finger and a hlaf opened box. Nice huh? I knew it was gonna happen. I way too accident prone. I have hurt myself at every single I have had. A cut here.. A burn there.. Even managed to glue my arm to a workstation thanks to a dumbass co-worker. Drop this 3:39 PM Is anyone else sick of "Drop it like it's hot" ? Everywhere I go -- work, home, shopping etc.. That damn song follows me where ever I seem to go. I love Snoop and all, but that song just must die off already. Christmas Eve Fears 8:26 PM Can you believe that Christmas Eve is this coming friday? It's almost here people, and I still have to shop! And I HATE shopping on Christmas Eve, but this year I am forced to since my payday is that day. I also hate shopping too close to Christmas. There is very few gifts left to give and very little thought tends to go into them. You know, "Here mom, here is a nice.. um, shower curtain. It was all that was left at the local Sav On Drug. Sorry." Next year, I hope to do all my shopping online. Shopping Candy 11:03 PM I have managed to spend my paycheck in record time! I got the check at around 7 am. At 9 am cashed it at the local check cashing place and by 10 am, I was well on my way to shopping bliss. "Hello, my name is Tay and I'm shop-aholic." No seriously, I am. I'm brave enough to admit. Once I have some sort of money in my hands, it doesn't last. Maybe it's because I haven't worked for a long time, and my mental state of mind is spend it before anyone else can take it away from ya. Hmm, perhaps this could all describe why I happen to be in debt. Shopping addiction is one crazed addiction. Like in my case, I CANNOT leave a store empty handed when I have money. I start to have this strange nervous breakdown over it. You might say it even depresses me to leave a place with nothing to show for it. This leads into careless shopping. The kind of shopping you begin to regret come morning. You start to grab you didn't know you know you needed... or rather, probably didn't know but some how they have found they're way into your cart. Shameful. So you take all purchases home and say to yourself, "Why do I need this multi use glass cleaner massager thing for?!!" But at lease I can tell myself, "I was Christmas shopping" even though I did indulge myself in a few items. Damn YOU, Robinson's May!!! 2nd paycheck 8:33 PM Tomorrow (friday) will my second paycheck from this job. I got my first one 2 weeks ago, but I consider that a "Starter Check". They had only paid for my orientation and I got a whooping 30 bucks. But tomorrow, is where all the blood, sweat and tears really pay off. Hopefully, I can get some X-mas shopping done and get a few things for myself. ;) A day full of wrongs 11:03 PM You might be wondering why I haven't written here in a long while? Well, the short version: I have the internet now in my bedroom and have been in the process of moving all of my personal junk (mp3's, pictures etc..) from my brother's computer to my own. Somewhere in the process I managed to lock myself out of blogger. Nice, huh? What a week I have been having. First I lock myself out of blogger, then today I accidentally took the wrong bus home from work. Good Grief! I swear.. It wasn't bad luck, I wouldn't have any lock at all. Forver a Newbie 1:31 PM So I have worked my first night @ my job on Monday. And I have to say - it wasn't that bad. I work softlines.. aka Clothes, Shoes etc.. Basically, all the clothes you buy at the store arrives in boxes, folded with the their hangers neatly packaged and we, the late nite crew promply put them away. Perhaps not promply since it is 2 in the morning, and most normal people can't function at those hours. I'm not normal. I live for being up at the wee hours of the night. Just hand me some really strong coffee and maybe a piece of chocolate and watch me dance my employee magic all around your store. Lucky for me, the people who work there are cool and see me as just another colorful character in a locked room full of nuts. Oh .. I didn't mention that did I? For our "safety", after midnight they lock down the store completely. No one can get in.. and unfortunely no one can get out either. I was running around that place for what seemed 15 minutes trying to find someone with the keys to open the door up. Such a newbie... So Much for "Hump Day" 2:42 PM I'm having one of those days.. You know the ones, where you feel like you can do nothing right. The kind of day you question why you got out of bed in the first place. I just feel.. numb. Perfect word. I feel completely numb to everything around me. No joy. No laughter. No interest. I hate feeling like that. At lease when I'm sad, I can get out a nice long, loud cry then feel a sense of sanity rushing back to me. When I feel numb, nothing seems to make it go away. She can be employed. 10:32 AM Hey ya know, I can't say this on the record yet, but I do believe I have a job. I can't say it is 100% until I go to do the drug test (which will probably be done today) and when my background checks out. I don't know what background checks always freak me out. I do this every single time. The job I'm trying out for says that they need a background check and I agree to it, then i spent the next few days to a week freaking out. It never makes any sense to ever. I haven't ever been arrested, let alone been a felon for anything. My credit history is completely questionable but then - who's isn't? And yes - I was fired from a job before. My last retail job. Wrongfully I might add. And during the interview I was 100% completely honest about it. I explained that yes - I was fired, but burden of proof was on the company. In short, you cannot fire a person without proof. And after sharing the that information - they actually pretty supportive. Who knew? So your wondering - "Miss Tay, so what will you be doing now?" Well, my tender lumplings, I will be overnight stocking for Target. Musical Discoveries... via you 1:27 PM Okay my blog explosioning darlings... I'm musically bored, so I'm requesting that everyone that stops by my spot today suggests a song that I should give a listen. (What else are you gonna do for 30 seconds?.... Scratch your butt?!) It might be good idea if you also leave a description of the song/artist's genre so I know type of music I'm dealing with. Your probably thinking to yourself, "Gee, I like a lot of songs. Hundreds, Thousands .. Could you give a litte help here!" Okay. My musical loves move towards quiet trip hopish (Think anything that fit's a rainy day) - to all 80's (New Wave, Hair Metal, Old School, Alternative..) - to oddites (Think Dr. Demento.) So get cracking.. Leave those song suggestions in the comments. DVD Dorkdom 1:22 PM Will someone please tell my boyfriend, that there is nothing wrong with "Pee Wee's Playhouse"! He keeps peeking in, and laughing at me. Yeah, he's laugh at me. For the last week, he has been watching "Mork and Mindy" on dvd via Netflix. And I'm the dork?! Point of this entry: We are truly made for each other. Two big 'O television watchin' dorks. Mp3s anyone? 2:06 PM Okay. Does any nice blogger out there know where I can find a mp3 copy "Exodus" from Evanescence? I just heard it on Radio Blog Club the other day and I simply must have it. After buying "Fallen" last year, I have become a huge Evanescence fan. So .. can you help a cheap bride to be out? wedding planning woes 10:48 AM Why must weddings be such a pain the royal ass? I'm cheap. I admit. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on centerpieces and party favors that my guests will forget to take home or flower arrangements that fall over dead on the day of the wedding. So here I am. Searching through thousands of links, looking anything that I could use. Finding a Cermonry/reception site has been a nightmare. Most places.. hotels, restaurants, inns etc.. want a minimum of 100 guests. Umm, no. That's not going to work. We counted and re-counted, at the most we have around 50 guests between the two of us. Everything else.. the food, decorations, rentals.. can be easily taken care of, but we need some place to have this. We thought about renting a park site or an hour or two @ the beach. But which one? And how are is that going to cost? Any info would be awesome, especially if you live in Southern California and been married. I feel like I'm getting no where. wedding anniversary blues 3:06 PM What would you do if you found out that "Thanksgiving" is the same day as your 25th wedding anniversary? That's my mom's problem and she is not the lease bit happy about it. She said she doesn't wanna spend her anniversary with her head in the oven checking on birdzilla. And you know what? I can't say I blame her. Election Blah's 3:00 PM I have been avoiding "Election Day" like the plague. It's not that un-american or anything. I'm mostly burnt out on any and all debates, commericals, points of view and other political rantings. Today's the day, and I'm glad that (hopefully) everyone will get their way, but perhaps even that will never happen. Recounts are most likely going to happen. Everyone is extremely passionate about their particular view points and who am I to tell them that they're wrong or right. I just listen and absorb it all in. Even today I'm unsure of who to vote for. Gmail Invites 2:55 PM Okay, I realize this is pretty late in the blogging game, but I have 6 gmail invites to hand out. I see them in the corner of my email box collecting dust. If you would like one, leave a comment with your email and I send ya one. ;) Frankenstein Project : randomness 2:17 PM

Frankenstein Project : Randomness Copy, cut and paste the following on to your blog and fill in the blanks with your songs. Simple isn't it? A song with "girl" in the title : "Little Trouble Girl" - Sonic Youth A song that puts you to sleep : "Will you follow me?" - Rob Dougan Name a political song that you actually like : "Free Nelson Mandela" - Special AKA Pick a random song from your favorite band ( Pick one if you have many.) : "Skin" - Oingo Boingo A party song : "California Love" - 2 Pac/Dr Dre A dream-like song : "Butterfly Caught" - Massive Attack Name a song with "Friend" in the title : "We're Going to be Friends" - The White Stripes Name a great cover song : "Sex (I'm a..)" - Lovage (Berlin) Name a song you hate right now : "She Will Be Loved" - Maroon 5 Favorite new song : "What are you waiting for" - Gwen Stefani Name a song that reminds you of high school : "#1 Crush" - Garbage Name a song reminds you of dying/death : "I Grieve" - Peter Gabriel Name a song that makes you cry every time you hear it : "Exodus" - Evanescence Song that makes me giggle like a school girl : "There Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha" - Napoleon Xiv Pick the song you sing in the shower : "Goodbye" - Save Ferris Favorite X-Mas Song: "Santas Creepy Secret" - Orgy Song from the last record you bought : "I'm Not Driving Anymore" - Rob Dougan The sexiest song ever written : "Blue Dress" - Depeche Mode Song that you discovered from film : "Squeezit the Moocher" - Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo Song that describes your current mood : "Moonlight Sonata" Name a song that would be on the soundtrack of your life : "Useless" - Depeche Mode Song that describes your blog vibe : "It's a Mug's Game" - Soft Cell Recommend a song to your readers : "Teardrop" - Massive Attack A song from an artist that otherwise don't like, but like this one song : "Colorblind" - Counting Crows There it is kids. Have fun, and leave me a comment if you posted it. :)

Do you feel the love? 9:32 AM

Congrats to the following people : Music to Live By Lady Buggin Kristy K Diary of a Non Prom Queen Nite Owl Pyscho Babble Left Unspoken Uniquely Alike Fudling Seductive Kisses Keep Breathing Read Between the Line Who.. What.. Where.. How.. and Why? The Certifiable Wenches Tiny Coconut Pixel Tigris Gita Manas These are all the blogs that I recently bookmarked and fell in love with via Blog Explosion. It took many hours.. and a lot of skipping to find you all and I'm happy that I did. :)

Turn me on... Or Off 1:33 PM Andrea has a good point. Blog Explosion offers you access to thousands of blogs, yet in those preicous 30 seconds you are never going to gain any useful information about that person. So in order to remedy that, I shall share my Turn Ons/Turn Offs. Turn Offs
  • People who would like nothing more to shove their political/religious points on you.
  • Blue Screen of Death. (Computers that crash make me very angry :P)
  • Top 40 music.
  • Neighbors who crack their music at ungodly hours of the night.
  • Headaches.
  • Napster. (Now it just sucks.)
  • Being sick. (I have a very weak immune system.)
  • Vanity.
  • James Horner.
  • Ashlee Simpson. (Dork.)
  • People who aren't open minded to a different opinion.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Really bad poetry.
  • Divas... Especially music/movie divas.
  • People who bring their babies to a loud action/horror movie. (I HATE you people!!)
  • War movies.
  • People who don't celebrate Halloween. (Is that hard to just pass out candy you cheap bastards?!)
  • People who repeatedly show up late to functions.
  • Unemployment.

Turn Ons

  • CD Mix swaps. ( Always a chance to discover new music.)
  • iTunes/iPod.
  • Meeting cool new people.
  • Horror/Cult/Movies. Musicals too.
  • Danny Elfman :)
  • Anything 80s related.
  • Depeche Mode. Violent Femmes. Garbage. Marilyn Manson.
  • I love creepy, gothic songs or scores.
  • Sleeping.
  • Accents.
  • Halloween. :D
  • Coffee. Mmm.. nothing is better in the morning when it's cold outside.
  • Bruce Campbell. Sexiest chin of all time.
  • Robert Englund. (Freddy Kruger only works because of this man.)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas/Evil Dead/Freddy Kruger collectables.
  • Fast internet connections.
  • People who open their lives to you.
  • KROQ
  • Cold rainy nights.
  • Homemade warm cookies.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

So what are your Turn Ons/Turn Offs? List em on your blog!

It smells like halloween 9:39 AM
Do you like scary movies? Just in time for Halloween Bravo is sharing the top "100 Scariest Movie Moments" of all time. You can catch all 5 hours (yup, this sucker is 5 hours long. Get a tape.) of this special on Saturday October 30th @ 8 p.m. They have been showing them in hourly sections all week long. Most of which I missed because I had thought it was only an hour long. It's a pretty good special though. A good share of horror cult figures putting their 2 cents on what movies scared them.
It's a Blog Explosion 4:32 PM I too have signed up with Blog Explosion after seeing an entry Andrea wrote. Felt silly though. I spent 30 minutes trying to find out to earn those damn credits. I hadn't realized that you have to stay on the page for 30 seconds then click the number requested on the banner. See... without coffee really stinks! Any hoo, this Blog Explosion seems to be taken off like wild fire. A lot of blogs are now pimping them. So I was shock to see that they had only been around for a month and have a directory of over 5,000 members. Thats crazy! Isn't this beautiful? 1:04 PM

Mmmm... I'm so damn hungry. I have to wait 'till tonight to get some groceries, so I thought I would torture you all with this picture. (he he..)

God Bless Tommy's for coming out with one of the best tasting chili cheese burgers on the planet. The cheese... the special chili.. the mustard.. the onions... The damn thing is sooooo "O" worthy!

I wish I could get one of these tonight, but I know better. I'll probably get handed a t.v. dinner. Sigh.

Chocolate Covered Dreams 8:00 AM I have been craving these all morning long. That and some homemade cookies. There is just something so damn comforting about about brownies, cookies etc.. Especially when they first come out the oven. They are all warm and melting in hands as you try to eat them. My family eats theres with milk, but I much prefer a good old cup of joe. Let Get This Over With Already 9:10 AM Anyone one else completely sick of all of the election news coverage? I know I am. That's all I see on the morning news any more. It's either "Election 2004" or "Storm Watch 2004". I'm pretty much sick of both. Wacky World of No Talent Singers 1:11 PM As if I really needed any more proof to hate Top 40 Teeny Boppper music, we have Ashlee Simpson making an ass of herself on live tv. And you know, it's one thing to pull the whole "milli vanilli" thing, but if you get caught, just admit it! Does anyone buy any of the excuses that she has given? And how tacky is it to blame for the band for the musical mishap. I bet ya, Jessica is sitting in her home, eatting that tuna smiling. At she was smart enough to never get caught. I have an Ear Infection.. Lucky me. 8:33 AM I swear when it rains, it truly pours in my life. I was just getting over the flu, when I noticed a pain in my right ear. I shook off, figuring it was some extra ear wax in the ear. It happens a lot to me. I tried to clean it out with ear removal cleanser and do any home remedies I could remember, but to no avil. The pain became unbearable. Besides not being able to hear that well, I started to get a rash of headaches and jaw pain. So eatting became a tricky subject. So I'm popping Ibprohen like their candy. It's the only thing that can numb enough for me to get through the day. If anyone has any idea as to what this is? Or any ideas as to get rid of it? I was going to bite the bullet and go to the county hospital (and we all know how much I love them) tomorrow but I changed my mind after I heard about the massive rain storms. Sigh. Buses and Rain do not mix! Especially since I appear to be falling apart at the seems. For the Love of Music 5:09 PM So there I was last night. Sick in bed, thinking of things I could do quietly and without much though. (A side effect of this type of flu is that once you get over vomiting your insides out, you are stricked with a headache from hell.) I started to finish a project Andrea created about a year ago. You take all (and we do mean all) your favorite bands/artists together, then put them in A-Z order. Then pick a song that people just have to hear from each particular group/artist. Then burn it on to cdr and enjoy:) So far, all I have done is making the list. So far I have around 50 bands/artists. It seems like a fairly good amount to start with. Putting them in alphabetical will a good while though, since the brain isn't quite up to that yet. Feel free to try this out yourself. Leave a note you got it all posted up. Perhaps we could do a cd swap? I know Andrea will get a copy along with many mixes I owe her. I loves her 'cause she is damn patient with me. :D grettings from pukeville 5:20 PM Greetings from Pukeville. Yup, my father has passed the flu on my poor brother, who I heard puke every hour on the hour the whole night, last night. Then that morning, I woke vomiting. So you have both of siblings taking turns running to the toilet, running extremely high fevers and then babbling for no good reason. On top of this, my mom has the measles. I'm over the puking now. But as we all know the flu doesn't there. Oh no. Right now, I'm still have a fever and am very dizzy. I really wanted to get out of bed today and be 100% better, but the flu gods aren't hearing that! Watch out for the flu. 2:44 PM Happy Friday to everyone out their in blogland! Today has been a long day. I got woken up by my mother. She kept calling my name but I pretended to ignore her. =P She informed me that my father was sick as a dog. He apparently spent the entire morning throwing up on everything, including my mother. So right now, he is resting peacefully in bed. I get rather worried when he gets the flu. He had a heartattack back in 1996, and the trigger was the flu and the stress on his system from vomiting. So naturally every time he gets sick I get worried. Working Part 2 4:44 PM Well, boys and girls, the Gods might again smiled upon Miss Tay. Yesterday the temp agency left me a message, and I called them back to find out that my old employer might have some openings again. For those that are new or just can’t remember. I’m currently unemployed. On and off for the last 2 years. I have been working my way through various temporary assignments as a means of income. And for about a month in August, I had a solid job that I actually liked. Unfortunately, the company was having some money troubles. Yeah, apparently they invested a lot of money into a new prototype of braces. Long story short, it never took off and they had to cut some people. The temp people were the first to go. I was so depressed. I cried the entire day. Strangely enough, I had various people pulling me aside to tell me not to worry about it. I thought that they were just trying to be nice. Either that or they were sick of hearing me cry the whole day. They told that this was a good company and they have a habit of laying people off only to re hire them back within a week or a month later. Well, a month has come and gone. So I just moved on. I filled for unemployment and continued looking for other jobs. Then I got the phone call.. Here’s to hoping I might be working again. I suppose it would an excellent time to re adjust my sleeping patterns again. (It’s the 3rd shift. ) All I see is blah blah blah... 1:57 PM Damnit! I juist spent a good hour trying to answer all the questions behind and whats happens? Some of the words are coming out all in gibberish. I have tried to fix it 4 times now and it still come the same. That's the last time I write anything in Office Word, then copy, cut and paste it into Blogger. Three Questions Answered 1:43 PM Glen from The Zen of Glenn asks:

1. Do you believe in God? Ironically the first question is the hardest to answer. Basically, I believe in God to a point. Being not overly fond of organized religion myself, I have a hard time believing that everything happens because it's god's will. I take things as they come. I'm open to everyone's beliefs and respect them completely.

2. Do you hate your hometown and if so, do you complain about it a lot? My hometown is actually a city so it can’t be all that bad. ;) The only complaint I have is that no one in California, or Los Angeles for that matter, has never heard of it.

I live in Covina. A small city compared to giants like Los Angeles or Pasadena. When I meet people for the first time and they ask me where I’m from, they look at me oddly when I tell them. Then it occurs to me… they have no clue where it is. It's a city tucked away in the San Gabriel Valley. I actually like this city because they are started to really build it up with more and more great places. So I can have most of cool restaurants and attractions of say Los Angeles, without the long drive. =)

3. If you had to choose only one, would you rather be touched or kissed? Touched. I love the soft gentleness of being touched. Don't get me wrong, I love kisses. Kisses are great, but the sincerity behind a touch is so loving and tender that it makes me melt away.

Kunaal from Scattered Thoughts asks :

1. If you were given a chance to go back and change one day in your life, what day would you change? I would go back to October 18th 1995, the day that my grandfather had a stroke. I wish I could have told him how much I loved him. And that he was one of greatest people in the world. He was always so supportive of me growing. He made me feel like I could do anything.

2. A more serious question....what is your opinion on George W Bush.....nutcase or messiah? Oh Jesus. I should have known that question would pop up. The short version… I’m not voting for him. I’m not one really for politics so I’m getting into it.

3. Which is one country in the world you would love to visit? The United Kingdom.

Ali from Cafe Eclectic asks:

1. What one icon has inspired u in your life? Shirely Manson of Garbage. To me, finding a woman idol that you can look up to in some way or relate to was becoming extremely hard. Courtney Love was too hardcore for me. Whitney Houston was too much of diva. Then I saw this Scottish red head come on the radio and my world was changed forever. She could sound like she wanted to rip your throat out then sound so vulnerable. She was expressing all the emotions that I couldn’t. She always spoke her mind, while most divas say only what they publicist wants them to say. And I found that so inspiring. I still do.

2. What is it about Danny Elfman you admire the most, and why? Probably above everything I respect that he went out there and attempted something that no musician was able to. He tried his hand at doing film scores in a time that scoring was reserved for the classically trained. A very elite group of jaded older men who have been this for years and had that “If it ain't broke, don't fix it” type of attitude about everything. He broke down the doors for all musicians from Peter Gabriel to Stewart Copeland to Jonathan Davis, to give film scoring a shot.

And he received a lot of crap for it. People would say he didn’t compose his scores himself or that he was just a flash in the pan. Well, now he is one of most in demand composers of all time. He is up there with John Williams and he deserves to be there.

3. Describe your favorite color as if it were a fairy tale? My favorite color is purple. I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around making a fairy tale about the color purple. Hmm, perhaps I'll have to come back to this question a bit later.

Next up is Dawn from 4 Ever Dawn asks:

1. What is the favorite part of the house and why? The bedroom. Mainly because I love to sleep, watch tv and generally be lazy. =) Your bedroom is your space.It's the one place in the house where you can go to hide away from the world. (Or other annoying family members.) I keep things around that carry an over all comforting feeling. I.E. my CD collection, stuffed animals, various vampire novels, my little evil dead figures etc...

2. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and why? Danny Elfman. Shirley Manson. Gordon Gano of The Violent Femmes. Robert Englund. Bruce Campbell.

I would die a happy woman if I could meet any of these people. Why? Because each of these people are my childhood idols. I have grown listening to their cds or watching their films. I have almost adopted as part of my family. And in a sense they are. They were comforted me when I was sad. They made me laugh when I really needed.

If you could spend a day with whatever celebrity, who would it be and why ?? Look above. ;)

Free iPod anyone?! 6:06 PM I found this over at The Neurotic Fishbowl today and my mouth just dropped. All I kept thinking was that I wanna iPod too. So I signed up. So if you want to give a try too then click here. She is proof that it does work. Go ahead.. You know you wanna! 3:08 PM Dawn did this yesterday and I thought it was interesting, so I'm going to give it a try. Ask me 3 questions that you would like to see answered. I just figured that this would be excellent way of people new to my blog to get to know me. Mainly because it takes me forever and a day to finish up those "100 Things..." lists. I have enough trouble with the surveys that my friends send me through email. G - Mail 2:07 PM I feel so unloved. (lol) I'm probably the only person on this planet who didn't recieve a g-mail invitation. Yesterday I couldn't read a blog without someone asking or giving away g-mail invites, and now I can't even get one. --- insert pouty face --- Edited: Thanks to Kunaal, I'm on g-mail cool list. "Orpah, My boyfriend is addicted to Mortal Kombat!" 2:56 PM I Hate Mortal Kombat : Deception . This damn game has robbed my boyfriend's attention for the last 3 months! It's all he ever freaking talks about. The game. The codes. The book. The players.. It makes me wanna scream. So today is the day he is going down to get it. And he is doing it solo. I was supposed to walk down with him, but I had ..... had it. If he wants the game, he can get himself. I don't see the point of me being there, listening to him and the fellow gamer behind the counter have a 20 minutes chat about the games history and secret players. It's the Habit I Just Can't Kick 1:06 PM I have got to give up biting my nails, especially when they happen to be painted. I nervously chomp away at my fingertips for no reason and start to choke on the chips of nail and nail polish. I have been doing this since I was 4 years old. I always considered it just some nervous tick that I do. I used to also suck on the tips on my hair, but promptly stopped when I started to add hair spray to my hair routine. What kind of odd habits do you all have? Or which ones did you used to have? It's Almost Here 9:45 AM Halloween Haunt is tomorrow night for my posse. Yea! I have been well rested and taken my share of Dayquill for days. I'm so ready to watch my friends get scared silly and chow down on those yummy ribs. Mmm Mmm.... Opening night was actually last night and from what I have heard the park was pretty empty. I'm not surprised. It was Sept.30th. Who thinks about "Halloween" in September? Opening night for me is tonight. It only makes senses. So I'll spend today emptying my memory stick for my digital camera, pick up some glitter to annoy Natalie with and check in on our V.I.P Dinner Reservations. I hope you guys have a awesome weekend! It figures... 10:20 AM I'm sick. :( I have been sick since friday. I should have known. My boyfriend was getting sick last week and I tried to stay the hell away from him, but he kept assuring me "No baby, you won't get sick." Well, here I am with a bad case of snuffles and nasty snot stuck in my throat. I have been downing various over the counter cough syrups and allergy pills. I need to get much better by the end of week. This Saturday is Halloween Haunt, and I need my energy! So does anyone have home remedys or know of any good medience for me to try out? Music Mambo - Week 27 10:03 AM It's Mambo Time again ladies and gentlemen. This week is a countdown of sorts. A Musical Countdown of favorites and memories. So do you think that you're up to it?

5. -- Songs that make you happy

Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan Anger Management - Lovage Skin - Oingo Boingo Somebody Told Me - The Killers Word Up - Korn

4. -- Albums you can't live without Mezzanine - Massive Attack Furious Angels - Rob Dougan Everything - Tones on Tail The Hurting - Tears for Fears Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

3. -- Artists that you'd like to recommend Rob Dougan Lovage Dead Can Dance

2. -- Songs that you and one of your parents enjoy Your Woman - White Town Such a Shame - Talk Talk

1. -- Musical memory you'd like to share....

I'll be making this brief since my cold medience kicked in. It would probably be when I was dispressed in high school and during a class wher I could listen to my walkman, I heard that the Violent Femmes were going to play live in the studio and talk about their new album. Being a huge Femmes fan, I nearly crapped myself with I heard the blessed news. That completely changed my day around. Nothing like a little Gordon Gano action make my day better . :)

Experimental halloween Mix 3 5:06 PM EXPERIMENTAL HALLOWEEN --3--
  1. Insanity - Oingo Boingo
  2. The Hearts Fifthy Lesson - David Bowie
  3. The Long Hard Road Out of Hell - Marilyn Manson
  4. Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
  5. Ancestor Cult - Machines of Loving Grace
  6. Angel - Massive Attack
  7. Humming - Portishead
  8. Boadicea - Enya
  9. Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
  10. Excess - Tricky
  11. Fascination Street - The Cure
  12. Dressed in Black - Depeche Mode
  13. I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen
  14. Jack the Ripper - The Smiths
  15. Dirty Shadows -Teh Future Sound of London
  16. The Great Below - Nine Inch Nails
Experimental Halloween Mix 2 4:59 PM EXPERIMENTAL HALLOWEEN --2---
  1. Linda's Chant - Evil Dead
  2. Bloody Ballerina - Hate in the box
  3. Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
  4. Sweet dreams - Marilyn Manson
  5. Dead Souls - Nine Inch Nails
  6. I Against I - Mos Def / Massive Atttack
  7. Dead of Night (moon Mix) - Depeche Mode
  8. Black Planet - Sisters of Mercy
  9. House of Leaves - Poe
  10. The Hunger - Schbert
  11. Anywhere out of the World - Dead Can Dance
  12. Beatrix - Cocteau Twins
  13. Burning Skies - Tones on Tail
  14. The Host of Serephim - Dead Can Dance
  15. Freddy Vs Jason Theme
  16. Dream Warriors - Dokken
  17. Drugula - Rob Zombie
  18. Psycho - System of a Down
  19. Them Bones - Alice in Chains
  20. Bodies - Drowning Pool
Experimental Halloween Mixes 4:42 PM Yup, you got it kiddies. It's almost October, which means we're getting closer and closer to my favorite holiday Halloween. :) In celebration of the upcoming Halloween Haunt and halloween itself, I made some mixes. EXPERIMENTAL HALLOWEEN --1--
  1. The Call of the Zombie - Rob Zombie
  2. Mr.Krinkle - Primus
  3. Manic Depresso - Sykokteic Sinfoney
  4. A Story - Violent Femmes
  5. Draculas Wedding - Outkast
  6. Satan - Orbital
  7. Confusion (Pump Panel Recontruction Mix) - New Order
  8. Nemesis - Shriekback
  9. Something in my House - Dead or Alive
  10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) - David Bowie
  11. Everyday is Halloween - Ministry
  12. Eaten By the Monster of Love - The Sparks
  13. I Eat Cannibals - Toto Coelo
  14. No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo
  15. Hell - Squrriel Nut Zippers
  16. The Cat is Dead - Danny Elfman
  17. The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum - Funn Boy Three
Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 37 3:45 PM
Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 37

Date: Hump Day, September 22nd Time: Same Hump Time Place: Same Hump Place

Let's celebrate ICE CREAM CONE DAY! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream ... cones that is. Yay! This day commemorates the day the ice cream cone was patented. Can you imagine? Before 1903 they used paper cones or metal cones. Thank goodness edible cones were invented because we all know that sucking the last bit of ice cream out of the bottom of the cone before we shove the whole thing in our mouth is confection heaven!

It's time for some pre-humping action so let's warm up! Everyone needs or wants something. Tell us, what could you use a double scoop of today? What would you give your bestfriend a double scoop of? It doesn't have to be ice cream -- it can be anything: kindness, hugs, time ...

Yes, indeedy, You know the song so hump along! "Do it baby! Do the humpty, doin' the humpty hump!"

This week some getting to know you humping with a bit of an insane twist.

01. A scented candle has been created that represents your daily life -- what smells might that candle emit?

A delicate fragrance of loveiness. Something soft, not too over powering. Perhaps, something more along the lines of Baby Powder. With a splash of mocha coffee , to respresent my coffee addiction.

02. If all of a sudden all money became useless and whatever you had the most of made you wealthy, what are you rich with?

Music :0) My music collection... including my various collection of mp3s.

03. You've won a "Everything You Can Grab In Three Minutes" shopping spree at your favorite store. What store is it and what would be the first thing you'd grab?

I would go to Amoeba Records, grab myself a basket and run to various cd racks and just start grabbing for my favorites. Gee... I hope they keep all the new wave together. He he...

04. One million dollars to pose for Playboy or Playgirl ... do you do it? If yes, what month would you be the perfect centerfold for? If no, what magazine would you be a good centerfold for?

Have you seen this body? I take it you haven't. It doesn't matter anyhow, because even if I were in perfect condition I would still think I was flawed.

05. You have an alarm clock that does whatever is necessary to wake you up and get you out of bed -- describe what process the alarm clock would perform.

I would program it to have my have grandfather's voice. He used to wake me up everyday before he passed away in 1995. I think waking up to it every morning would make me a smile and make the day a little easier to take.

Music Mambo Meme 3:28 PM

Music Mambo Week 26

Once again the time has come to Mambo! Autumn is just around the corner, so it's time to think of some autumn roadtripping music and new releases. There's so much music coming out in the next few months that everyone should have something new to mambo to. So without further ado or adieux or a-do or whatever, let's just get to the Mambo. Whatdayathink? 1. What music makes you think of autumn? (Songs, genres etc...)

Oddly enough, I don't think about Autumn in a very country type of way. I suppose if I had to pinpoint it, it would be songs like really remind of school.

2. What new releases are you looking forward to this fall/winter?

In music? Damn. I've been so broke for so long that I still have a huge of list of cds from last year that I never bought. So I'll just do it that way... I'll list the cds that I should buy to keep up with all the new releases.

  • Massive Attack - 100th Window
  • Peter Gabriel - Up
  • Nude on the Moon -The Anthology - B 52's
  • Shine like it Does- The Anthology - INXS
  • Greatest Hits - Falco
That's what my wishlist looks like...

3. If you're making a road trip over a weekend, what music do you take with you if any?

Funny, you should say that! Next saturday I'm going to go to " Knott's Halloween Haunt". And I just finished up making "Halloween" related mixes for the trip. (3 discs long! Can you believe that? Andrea, your will shipped in the mail soon along with the Harvest mix.) 4. Does your musical mood shift in autumn? (Meaning do you listen to different types of music from season to season?)

Hmm, hard to say. For me since I'm such a moody creature, my mood is usaually is what makes me shifit towards a different genres at different times. 5. If you could see one band in the fall concert season, who would it be and why? (The band has to be currently touring)

Violent Femmes would nice. I know that they are playing the House of Bluse near Disneyland around the 15th of October, but I sincerely doubt I'll be going. Sigh. Another missed chance.

Bonus: Make a perfect driving mix. Pick 15 songs that you love to hear while driving.

(Note: I'm going to come back to this later... :)

(You don't have to do this part now..think about it and post it...and we'll come back and check out your choices)
Mambo Meme - Week 36 belated 3:17 PM Oh my gosh. I had completely neglected my duties as a member of BDINSANITY. Thats a very bad Tay..

------ Hola, Humpolas. This week Hump Day is also Latin American Independence Day which commemorates Latin America's independence from Spain in 1821. However ... since we are a crazy bunch and everything we do is to the beat of a different bongo we're not going to celebrate today or tomorrow (which is Mayflower Day). Instead, we're going to celebrate yesterday. That's right, we're going to celebrate yesterday. Why? Because we're all about sharing the love and yesterday was "Hug A Crabby Stranger Day". No silly, NOT "Hump A Crabby Stranger" ... "Hug A Crabby Stranger" Humping a stranger would have a constable knocking on your door with a Restraining Order.

As a warm-up tell us about the most disastrous or embarrassing first impression you've ever made on someone.

Oh good god, that would probably the day that I met my boyfriend in high school. It was a nightmare. My best friend had decided to set me up on this blind date, and the first meeting would take place at the school. On the day he was supposed to arrive, I was all beautiful. Trying hard to make that good impression. But he never showed up.. So by the time lunch came around.. I said "Screw it." I took my hair down, removed my make up and started to chow down on my lunch. That was until I hear said friend screaming "He's here! He's Here!!". I nearly choked on my pizza. She was leading him over to meet me when I the potateo boat I was eatting decided to travel all the way up my nose and try to come out. I was horrorified. I shook his hand while using the other to cover my potateo dripping nose. It was awful.

Okay, ready or not, here come da hump!

This week an even dozen "I say ___, you think ___". Just respond with the first word, phrase or thought that leaps into your head for each word.

01. rear -- window 02. power -- station 03. straw -- drink 04. goosebump -- books 05. depend -- Those underpads. (lol) 06. hush -- Quiet 07. magically ...... 08. bendable -- gumby 09. duct -- tape 10. flip-- flops 11. anticipation -- Rocky Horror Picture Show 12. couch -- lazy

My Sleeping Baby 5:57 PM
Kai, the family dog, hard at work. Sleeping the days away... and hating the camera lights in her eyes.
Hip Hop gets a Nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 11:20 PM
Flash Gets Rockin' Nomination

"For the first time ever, a rap group has been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

In order to be considered for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 25 years must pass since an artist's first release. Bronx's Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five released their first single, "Supperrappin'" in 1979; making them eligible for 2005's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class and perhaps ushering in a new era of hip-hop nominees.

But the surprise nomination for the class of '05 remains Grandmaster Flash. The Bronx-born DJ helped launch the global phenomena known as hip-hop innocuously enough by performing at New York parties in the late 1970s. He is largely credited with helping invent the entire genre by pioneering scratching and other DJ basics. Flash later hooked up with rappers the Furious Five for hits like the socially conscious "The Message" and the breakout club-hit 'White Lines (Don't Don't Do It).' "

I happen to think that's pretty freakin' cool. I consider Grandmaster Flash to be one of the first and strongest influences to bringing hip hop out into the mainstream. Him and Run Dmc deserve that credit.

And of course, people are going to have a fit because of that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type of attiude when it comes to art of Rock and Roll. People are going to say that Rap doesn't belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because it isn't music.

That statement always left me cold. Not music? Not Rock and Rock? Isn't that a bit... I don't know, stupid to say. Isn't this what a lot of people said about New Wave as well? How can music using a synthesizer be as real and moving as the power behind a gutiar?

And then I start to think that people are missing the point behind the spirit of Rock and Roll. It's a movement. A feeling in your soul. Passion, if you will. A rebellion. It's everything that you want it to be.. Music has been created for those who want it... My folks listened to everything from Led Zepplin to the Carpenters. My mom hates punk music. My dad hates dance music. I discovered the anger and rebellion of Punk music when I was a teenager. I became one with Synth Pop when I was 16. I head banged along Metallica... I grooved to Run Dmc while staying late night, doing my homework.

Each genre... Each style... Each Song... All of the lyrics meant something to me. And that's what should matter.

And Rap... is here for those souls who feel the music. Who let loose on the dance floor on a saturday night, after working hard the past week. No one is forcing you to like that genre, but you must have respect for it. It's passion... it's anger... it's soul baring.. it's truth.. it too is Rock and Roll.

Mambo Monday or Is it Tuesday? 1:07 AM It's time to Mambo again!! Yay! The Moodylady has been thinking long and hard about the mambo this week. So hard, in fact that her brain nearly exploded. So this mambo has to be a bit easy, cos Moodylady has a headache now.So to get warmed up...a little "I Say...You Think..." (Music style of course)


Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana


Fragile - Sting


Safety Dance - Men Without Hats


Man in the Box - Alice in Chains


Fly Away - Poe


Openhearted - Real Life Hard:

Long Hard Road Out of Hell - Marilyn Manson


I can not think of a damn song or artist here. Help!

Now that we've warmed up it's time for the Mambo! "The Last...."

Song you heard...

"The Chauffeur" - Duran Duran (A hella sexy video! )

CD you bought...

"Furious Angels" - Rob Dougan

Video you watched..

Are we talking 'music viedo" or just regular movies? The last real movie I saw "Soul Plane". No comment there about that one! And the last music video I saw was "Everybody's Fool" - Evanscence.

Concert you attended..


'S Acoustic Christmas 2001, I believe.

Song that made you get up and dance..

"Don't Go (remix)" - Yaz(oo)

Song that really moved you emotionally..

"There's Only Me" - Rob Dougan

Song that made you feel good..

"Roses" - Outkast

Lyric you found profound....

"You're all I want You're all I need You're all I've got

All I see It won't be long Til suddenly You'll find he's gone And you'll turn around and see There's only me For whom there's silence in your heart There's only me Waiting patient to the last You wait and see One day your love will surely start You'll turn around You'll find when everyone departs, there's only me You walk in the room You take you seat You don't turn around You don't see me I'll make him go You'll find one day he'll disappear You'll turn around And find that not a soul is here Only Me.." There's Only Me - Rob Dougan
Comic Relief from the Halloween Store 1:06 AM
Picture it:

My boyfriend and I are at the newly opened Halloween store near the AMC theater. He looks around at the various costumes and stubbles across the selection of famous horror monsters (I.E. Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason etc...) then it hits him. He should be "Ash" from the Evil Dead movies...

So he asks the 17 year old girl in the store..

Juju: "Hey do you guys carry prosthetics?"

Girl: "Yeah.. Fake cuts. Stuff like that. What exactly were you looking for?"

Juju: "A fake chin."

Girl: "Oh.."

Juju: "Yeah, you know, like 'Ash'. "

Girl: Stares at him like she is confused..

From that point I knew he was in trouble. He was talking to a 17 year old girl who was listening to John Mayer and wearing hot pink lipstick. Nah. She's not your typical "Evil Dead" fan.

Juju: "You know.. Ash."

Girl: Still confused.

Juju: "Ash. From the 'Evil Dead' movies. You know.... 'Groovy'. Bruce Campbell??"

Girl: "Yeah.. I think I had a friend back in the day that kinda liked those movies."

Oh Good Lord. I was laughing my ass off. I couldn't help it. This was funny. One would think that after you ask the sales girl a question like, you'd stop. Nope. My man's got a strong will. Very strong.

Juju: "Well, I'm for a elvis wig."

Girl: "Oh yeah we got those!"

The two of them disappear with Juju wearing this horrorible looking Elvis wig. The two begin to play with the wig, trying to make it more "Ash" like...

That was it for me. I had to go and hide away in the feather boa section. I was turning red from laughter. I thought that I was going to piss myself in that store.

It's Better Than Christmas 1:00 PM Photo courtesy of Theme Park Adventure. It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween Haunt as the days go on. Woo Hoo. I cannot wait! I bought my tickets for the 2nd of October, and I hope to see all my other "Halloween Haunt" fans there! We all do very stupid things! 11:38 AM And remember kids... if gonna bring a digital camera with you where ever you go to capture those heart warming, once in a lifetime pictures (I.E. like those great moments of your close friends drunk..) Remember to make sure those batteries in your camera are actually fully charged. Or to turn off the damn camera! My Teacher : Part 1 3:02 PM (note: From time to time, I'll post excerpts from stories I have been toying around with in my head. Most of them being on the naughty, dirty side. This is one example. I write the parts in short sections since I'm computer loves to crash on me... And there's nothing worse then losing something that took a hour to write. Cheers!) I saw him that night. I was standing at edge of my childhood bedroom, watching through sheer curtains. I had been doing this since I was 10 years old. That is when the fascination started. He was in his bedroom, that was located directly across from mine. The only thing between us is the legion of trees that surround his home. He was there with a woman. A beautiful girl. I couldn't call her a woman since she wasn't much more older then I. She had to be in her early twenties. Whatever age she was it didn't matter. She was everything that I wanted to be : Beautiful, sensual, alluring and above all things erotic. I watched them both. He handed her a drink, as she sat at the foot of his bed. She smiled. He began to touch her face. She closed her eyes. His hand slowly traced her face, moving down towards her neck and then reached the beginning of her breasts. I sighed. I knew where this was going. And I wanted was to switch places with her. To be that girl for once in my life. A Little Something Different 2:12 PM I'm going to try something completely different for me. I'm going to keep a blog strictly for myself. No expectations. No fellow bloggers to impress. Nope. I'm going to feel bad if I don't write for a day.. a week.. a month. And instead of sending e-mails to let people know that I'm writing here, I'm going to let people find me. Different people, with different tastes and desires. New souls to open my mind. New stories to read. It's an adventure. Care to join me?